Time is running. Nothing reveals that ugly truth better than upcoming anniversaries. It still feels like just a couple of years ago, that we started this label, but surely we all know how much we can trust these kinds of feelings. No friends, it’s been 15 years, a whole lotta more than an average marriage these days.

Well, we can’t change that, so just put the shock aside and do what we are doing right now:

Turn on your stereo, get into the sound and celebrate 15 Golden Years of Moonbootique Rec. releases with us. We asked label artist and long time companion Ante Perry to create two mixes for us: One from the vault of time and one with recent releases. This compilation is the outcome and we are more than happy with it!

Our 15 Golden Years of Moonbootique Records Compilation will be released on 30th of September. The journey has just begun…so stay tuned for more and check out our previews of Ante Perry’s CD-Mixes:



In love,